Brachycephalic Air Way Surgery at The Avenue Vet

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Commonly affected breeds – Pug / French Bull Dog/ Boxers/ English Bull dog/ Pekingese/ Boston terrier

Symptoms- increased huffing and puffing (noisy breathing), some dogs will retch and gags – these symptoms get worse with exercise and hot weather. Exercise intolerance, cyanosis (blue gums due to lack of oxygen) and occasional collapse.


  1. Widening nostrils – wedge shape of tissues will be removed from Alar folds to increase the size of the nostrils
Before the surgeryAfter the surgery
  1. Resecting soft palate – too long soft palate is trimmed to the appropriate length so that it would not interfere with breathing

  1. Other procedures -Resecting everted laryngeal saccules


Each individual patient is different and one or more of the above procedures will be required. This assessment is usually done at the time of surgery while he/she is under general anaesthesia.

Outcome – Most dogs shows a dramatic improvement in their breathing and quality of life following surgery within a week. Dogs have the surgery before 2 years of age, before developing secondary airway changes have a much better outcome.

Post-operative care-
Almost all dogs could go home on the same day after full recovery from the anaesthesia. Small amount of blood around the mouth and nose could be visible during first 24 hours after the surgery. Plastic collar (Elizabethan collar) will be placed around his/her neck to prevent self-trauma to the sutures in the nostrils. Suture removal is not usually required as they are dissolving sutures and normal activities may resume after 10 days.

If you have more questions and need a cost estimate, please call us on 59115070 to organise a free surgical consultation.

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