At The Avenue Vet we believe early socialization for your new puppy is very important as it will set your puppy on the right path to being a happy and well behaved member of the family.Between the ages of eight and sixteen weeks your puppy’s mind is growing and developing, this is the perfect age for them to experience meeting new people, how to play and socialise with other dogs, different sounds and places. Puppy school is the perfect environment for them to learn as they will be in a safe and controlled environment.
Our puppy classes are a great way to learn about your new puppy and how to care for them, as well as teach them basic commands such as sit, drop, stay come and how to walk on a lead. We will also teach you the skills to tackle any undesired behaviors such as urinating inside,mouthing and chewing.
Classes are run over a 4 week period we ask for $89.00 to secure your place in the class.
Please call us or come in to discuss signing you and your puppy up to our next class.


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