Cruciate ligament ruptures are the most common cause of hind leg lameness in dogs, this condition can be quite painful and exacerbate the symptoms of osteoarthritis in affected joints. There are main two types of surgery currently being practiced in veterinary clinics around the world.

Extra capsular repair –This involves the placement of strong suture materials around the joint to replace the functions of the ACL, this method is less invasive and more appropriate for smaller dogs (less than 15kg). Most dogs will start to weight bear within 2 weeks after the procedure and be able to resume normal activities after 4-6 months.

Geometric modifying procedures – this procedure changes the angle of the knee in a way that eliminates the function of the cruciate ligament, this method involves cutting the bone and placing implants to stabilize the knee joint. TTA and TPLO are the most commonly performed geometric modifying procedures, most dogs will start to weight bear within 3 days and have better mobility than before the surgery within 2 weeks. Post-operative X rays will be taken after 8 weeks to make sure bone is healed. Normal activities may be resumed after 3 months.

At the avenue veterinary clinic, we are offering both extracapsular and TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) procedures. These procedures are completed within a day and the Avenue Veterinary Clinic prides itself on providing a high level of care and pain relief, this includes local anaesthetic blocks, intravenous opioids and anti-inflammatory pain relief being given at different stages of the procedure.

If you would like a free surgical consultation with one of our vets about the options available for your pet as well as any concerns you may have, please call 59115070. We are also able to provide a over the phone price estimation if requested.

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