Dental disease is a common problem amongst dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits. Dental health care is important for your pet. If left untreated tartar and gingivitis can lead to serious illnesses such as bone, heart, and kidney infections. Maintaining good dental health can be achieved by a variety of methods and we can advise you of the best options for your pet. Such methods include special dry food diets (e.g. Hills t/d™), raw bones, brushing (using pet tooth paste only), drinking water additives. During every consultation we will assess your pet’s oral health and provide the best advice.

At The Avenue Veterinary Clinic we can professionally scale and polish your pet’s teeth just like the dentist does. We can then show you how to keep their teeth looking great at home.

We offer FREE dental health checks for all pets all year round.

Phone us to arrange a dental examination for your pet.

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