Fleas: Flea infestations are one of the main causes of dermatitis (skin infection and inflammation) in dogs and cats. They are more annoying than nasty, with their population heightening in the warmer months. We recommend regular flea prevention in conjunction with environmental controls. If you are battling fleas or have any flea concerns please contact us to discuss these issues.

Heartworm: Heartworm is a serious and life-threatening infection that is easily preventable. At The Avenue Veterinary Clinic, we recommend using a preventative medication for heartworm. This parasite is a worm that is transmitted from one dog (or more rarely, cat) to another by mosquitoes. Once in the circulation it grows and resides in the heart and can lead to serious illness or death. If your pet is not on a heartworm preventative or you are unsure about your current program please phone to discuss it with one of our staff members.

Intestinal worming: Gastrointestinal worms can cause disease in pets and in humans. These worms can affect dogs, cats and wildlife, and can also be present in the environment, so exposure to them is often beyond our control. Gastrointestinal worms are zoonotic with the ability to infect humans in a variety of ways. Young children and immuno-compromised people are at greater risk. We recommend regular worming with a spot-on or oral medication. We invite you to ask one of our staff about the ideal parasite prevention program for your pet.

Ticks and mites: Ears mites and bush ticks are found in this area. We are happy to discuss preventive options available to protect your pets.

Please contact us at The Avenue Veterinary Clinic, we are happy to discuss all options available for your pet considering you and your pet’s circumstances.

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