The goal of any surgery at The Avenue Veterinary Clinic is to minimize anxiety to your pet, perform a safe procedure and eliminate pain during and after surgery. With this in mind, here are a few things you should know about surgery at The Avenue Veterinary Clinic.

1. Your pet’s pre-anaesthetic blood test
To fully assess your pet’s overall health, we recommend performing a blood test prior to anaesthesia. This is an inhouse laboratory test that examines your pet’s major organs such as the ability of the liver and kidney to rid the body of drugs and medications. It also identifies abnormalities in blood cells such as the ability to carry oxygen, fight infection and clot. We are happy to discuss pre-anaesthetic blood testing with you further when book in for the surgery.

2. Fluid therapy
Intravenous fluids will help your pet’s liver and kidneys flush out anaesthetic drugs and maintain better blood pressure during surgery. This means a safer anaesthetic and faster recovery for your pet.

3. Pain relief
Pain relief is provided to all pets. We also provide take home medication so your pet can continue to recover comfortably on their return home.

4. Your day
Generally, pets make a speedy recovery after routine surgery. For this reason,

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