The Avenue Veterinary Clinic is equipped with modern anaesthetic, monitoring and surgical equipment. Our staff is highly trained and experienced to perform advanced soft tissue surgical procedure.

Some of the common surgeries that we perform are listed below.

  • Skin – lumps/tumours, reconstructive surgery, wounds, dog fight wounds, cat bite abscess surgery
  • Anal gland removal – for chronic anal gland infections, anal gland tumours
  • Oncology surgery – Tumour/ lump/mass removal
  • Ear surgery – aural haematoma, total ear canal removal for chronic ear infections and tumours
  • Eye surgery – cherry eye, entropion, eye lid tumour, Third eye lid flap for corneal ulcer
  • Gastro intestinal – blockage or foreign body removal, twisted bowels, bowel cancers, intestinal biopsy,¬†gastropexy for the prevention of GDV (gastric dialatation and volvulus)
  • Exploratory laparotomy– biopsy, abdominal mases such as splenic tumours, liver tumours
  • Hernia repair – umbilical, inguinal, perineal
  • Airway surgery – stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, laryngeal paralysis
  • Urinary – bladder stones/calculi, urethral obstruction
  • Genital – pyometra, Caesarean section

If you have any questions or need a quote regarding a surgery, please call us or come for a consultation.

We offer free consultations to discuss previously diagnosed surgical conditions.

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