If Your Dog/ Cat (for rabbits please see other page) is booked in for a surgical procedure they will need to be fasted over night ( no food given) we generally say from 9pm onwards. Water is ok to be left out.
Our drop off time for day procedures is between 8:30am and 9:30am, We also offer an early drop off every 2nd Monday from 7:30am to accommodate people with early work commitments.

Upon arrival at the clinic one of our friendly nurses will greet you and your pet and go though a few admission questions. One of our Vets will then do a health check on your pet and go through any questions or concerns you may have.

We want you to feel as at ease as possible we Know leaving your fur baby for the day can be stressful!
Once you have left we will settle your pet in with a comfy mat to sit on and a cuddly blanket to keep them warm and cosy just like home! Feel free to bring along your pets favourite blanket or toy to keep with them for the day.

Your pet will receive a premedication to keep them calm so they don’t feel scared or worried during their stay and to start their pain relief, we don’t want them to feel a thing! Your furry family member will be showered in love from all our staff, we can’t resist a cuddle or pat.

We have two separate areas for dogs and cats to keep stress levels down, This is helpful for cats that may feel overwhelmed with a barking dog.

We like to have all surgeries done by 3pm so that we can get your pet back to you as soon as they are ready so they don’t miss you too much!

We will call you as soon as your pet is recovered from their procedure to arrange a home time with you.

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